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The RoadShare Campaign for Presumed Liability is working to protect vulnerable road users in Scotland.

At present, the UK is out of step with Europe as one of only five EU countries (along with Cyprus, Malta, Romania and Ireland) that does not operate some form of strict liability regime for vulnerable road users. Strict liability is already established in other areas of UK law. Vulnerable road users include cyclists, horse riders, walkers and runners. Presumed Liability puts the duty of care in the hands of the driver of any motorised vehicle.

The aim of brining Presumed Liability into Civil Law is to help a change of culture on our roads and also to speed up settlements in case of accidents. Our current system expects those injured or the families of those killed to go through an often harsh and protracted process to gain much needed treatment, care or compensation.

If you would like to change the culture on our roads and ensure that vulnerable road users are treated correctly in the event of a road traffic collision, then please sign the Road Share online petition calling for a Member’s Bill to introduce Presumed Liability between motorists, cyclists and pedestrians.