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Athlete, broadcaster & ambassador

Celebrating a decade of world firsts, pushing ultra endurance, sharing inspiring journeys and helping businesses to perform.

Mark Beaumont’s documentaries, events and books about ultra endurance and adventure have taken audiences to over 100 countries. Outside of sport and broadcasting, Mark is a business ambassador and speaker, as well as working with a number of charities and educational organisations.

Doddie 500 Completed Route

Rob Wainwright, Mark Beaumont, Tom Leefe and Russell Kelsey plan to pedal with a Calcutta Cup match ball from Murrayfield to Twickenham on 14th March for an epic 500 mile, 48 hour ride.

We will be donating £1 for every mile we ride, and would ask all cyclists joining us to do the same. 100% of money raised will go to the My Name’5 Doddie Foundation for MND research.

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7 hours ago

Mark Beaumont

So the auction of tartan lycra will soon be drawn to a close. At the moment the top 6 bids, all £200 or more, are from: Sarah Wilkinson Adrian Ivory Calum Smith Allan McLaughlin Ian Lincoln Grant McGillan Grant has also generously put a £1000 bid for the ball. So with the gavel poised above the lectern, any further bids please? A final teaser photo of us modelling the attire on the Murrayfield catwalk.... ... See MoreSee Less


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He has a couple of bikes that haven’t seen the light of day since leaving Westbrook’s shop 🤔😂

Do you do any cycling David Quigley?

Kenny Lowe, this loud enough for you? 🤣

Craig Mackay - your kind of outfit!

Peter McLaren I can see you wearing that 😂😀👍

Craig Cameron new cycling kit?

Des Faulkner

I hope you’ve washed it!!

love the outfit.

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23 hours ago

Mark Beaumont

A ride that I’ll always remember - over 500 miles pretty much non-stop in March from Murrayfield to Twickenham! Some photos and a write up from Mr Rob Wainwright...So back on the Isle of Coll at last and trying to get my still befuddled brain in gear to give you a summary of the Doddie 500 ride. The weather was far from what a cyclist dreams of, so keeping our average speed up at 15mph became impossible into a cold, rain-laden headwind. The slack had to be cut from our sleeping time, so total shut eye over the 2 days was 70 min in 3 short rations for me. Enough to keep the eyes functioning...just. Toughest parts were in the early hours of Saturday morning and then the final ride down to London, where the Cotswolds and somewhere called Berin's Hill sorely tested us. But on the plus side, no major mechanicals, just 1 puncture and our 4 bodies suffered no major set-backs other than maybe a wee touch of chaffing. And a Calcutta Cup game we could only dream of to keep sleep at bay upon our arrival. On our bikes, Mark, Rus, Tom and my spirits were kept up by our amazing support crew of Mick Cowie, Laura Penhaul, Alex Glasgow, Ian Fraser, Tasha Wainwright and Hugo Leefe. Their efforts kept us fueled, lights shining, bikes purring along smoothly, and protected us from the traffic when we had to make up time on busier roads like the charming A34. The support we got from other cyclists on the road was also vital, and I cannot understate the help we got from all of you who joined us and cut the wind to keep our wheels turning. Likewise at our stops where we were humbled by the generosity and patience of Smiths in Gretna Green, Kendal RFC, The Badger Inn at Church Minshull, Stourbridge RFC, Andy Mac and the good folk of Oxhill, Bill and Abingdon School and finally Shack 68 at Twickenham. Lastly, thanks must go to all those who supported us in donating to MN5DF, which is what this is ultimately all about; finding effective treatments for MND. We should soon reach £60k, and particular thanks to our main sponsors: The Lettings Room and The Investment Room, The Wood Foundation, Brewdog, JT3 Interiors, TcJ and Artemis. Will we do it again? Mmmh, maybe, if we could guarantee it produced rugby of the calibre we witnessed and the retention of the Calcutta Cup. And if Doddie's spirit continues to inspire us. So probably a yes. Ugh! Rob P.s. thank you from all the support crew for the incredible support, warm welcomes and most of all atmosphere we encountered even in the depth of the night! You were all amazing!! ... See MoreSee Less


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Well done to all in testing conditions and big thanks to Rob for coming back with some fuel and encouragement for an old mamil!!!!!

Pleasure to ride with you all on Thursday. Well in for that tough ride south in the horrible headwind! Amazing effort from everyone involved.

Great achievement,well done .

Darren Murray

A great achievement!

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3 days ago

Mark Beaumont

Stretching the legs 🏃🏻‍♂️ with On after 500 miles 🚴‍♀️ - off to Night of Adventure with Alastair Humphreys this evening in support of Hope and Homes for Children #london ... See MoreSee Less


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Great speech at the night of adventure

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Corporate Ambassador and Advisor

Mark brings his passion, experience and network to a portfolio of corporate businesses, working with each to look after their community and develop their teams. These ongoing roles are separate from expedition sponsors, but as long term relations also benefit from the profile and ambition of Mark’s career in sport and television.



Artemis World Cycle Sponsors

Community: education and philanthropy

Within education Mark is the Rector of the University of Dundee, Patron for the Saltire Foundation, Ambassador for the Winning Scotland Foundation and Honorary President of Scottish Student Sport. Within charities Mark is Patron for Orkidstudio and for the ARCHIE Foundation, as well as supported a range of other charity events and campaigns.

Incredible Journeys

Expeditions, challenges, TV documentaries and online filming projects. Mark started on the bike with the World and the Americas, then into the oceans in the Arctic and the Atlantic, before presenting for the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games and recently back on the bike with Africa Solo. He has published books on each of the cycling expeditions and filmed a number of challenges for charity and for promotions.

Contact Mark

Mark’s team will reply to all enquiries that are not covered in the FAQ’s.  If you have a quick question for Mark himself, please get in touch on social media.


The two hardest parts of any project is committing to actually do it and then fundraising.  There is no golden ticket for sponsorship, but there are some simple useful tips.  Unless you have a profile and a strong track record, don’t waste your time cold contacting potential corporate sponsors.  To get started, direct network by asking everyone you know for introductions to people and businesses who may be interested in your ambition.  Then do the same with them, so that your network gets bigger and bigger.  If you simply ask for money straight away, when the answer is no, that is the end of the conversation.  Instead, ask for introductions.  When it comes to kit, it is also very unlikely to get free kit without a strong track record of publicity.  So give suppliers an easy yes, by asking for cost or trade price products.  This way you get a huge discount on the kit you need, and they aren’t making any losses.
If you are sitting in an office job imagining the freedom of running your own business in the outdoors, then be realistic about the amount of hard work to make a living.  If you build the right skills then one route is as an instructor or guide.  Likewise, if media is your passion, then volunteering and building your CV is crucial.  Many, but not all cameramen and producers have formal training.  But if you would like to build a career like Mark, running your own expeditions and with a TV profile, then you need to systematically build your brand, using social media and traditional media.  Gaining commissions for TV is very competitive and relies on having unique ideas.  Being a competitive athlete in organised competitions is unlikely to create these opportunities.  Be incredibly determined and expect set backs – discipline is choosing between what you want now and what you want most.
If you are planning a major expedition which will be interesting for the public to follow, then please do let Mark know through social media and he may be able to mention and RT.  However, due to the amount of requests that Mark receives for social media promotions for charity events, these is not always possible.  Mark is also not able to take on any new ongoing charity roles for the meantime, but has a discounted rate for charity talks and appearances.  Please get in touch with enquiries.
Almost everyone has the ability to take on adventure challenges, but it is sensible to build up experience and fitness over time, rather than immediately taking on the world.  For most expeditions you should start with good all round fitness and then you will get fitter and more conditioned to the long hours during the challenge.  If you are setting out to break World Records and be more of an endurance athlete than a nomadic adventurer, then this will take a more systematic approach to training.  Injury and illness are your biggest concerns on long expeditions.  If you are cycling, then correct bike fit is essential to avoid repetitive strains, and for all sports think about cross training to build all round muscle balances.  But the biggest transition from taking on one day challenges to major adventures is your mindset and there is no training book that will help with this.  Experience and time in the great outdoors is the only way to build resilience and your comfort zone so you can take on tougher challenges.