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Over the past two decades Mark has pushed the limits of endurance, spoken at thousands of events and worked in over 100 countries. Amongst other Guinness World Records he remains the fastest person to have cycled around the planet. Marks passion for entrepreneurship takes him into a range of businesses, backing innovation and advising on growth. He lives in Edinburgh, Scotland with his wife Nicci and two daughters.

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That time between Christmas and New Year can often be a blur. So in the spirit of family games, here is a fun way to get outside, get active with a game of Limbo Bingo.

You can just play at home - but if you want to get a prize then head over to @nuzest_europe and read their post, plus make sure to tag them in your stories.

I’ve now been with @nuzest for well over a year and it’s part of my daily nutrition - if you would like to give Good Green Vitality and Clean Lean Protein a try then head to their website and feel free to use BEAUMONT10 for a discount.

You are welcome!  Get out there…

🏃🏻‍♂️ 🚴‍♀️
Final blast before 🎅 2021.  If you fancy giving it a shot it was: 

10 mins warm up - build to 190W
30 mins - 255W
15 mins - 310W
5 mins - 190W
10 mins warm down 

Huge thanks to my performance team for keeping me sharp this year - still aiming to win races & smash records with the support of @pavbryan, @laurapenhaul, @veloultra, @velocoachne, @reizkultur, @billsdon, @niccibeaumontstudio & @jamesl_w to mention but a few.  Also to Una, aka Mum, aka Base Camp - if you’ve ever read any of my books you’ll know what I mean. 

If you are interested in my pain cave setup, it’s a creation by my mate Craig Latimer & @theplyguys - check out @thestagandbear for info on their turbo desk. 

Merry Christmas one and all.  Stay safe and hug responsibly!
Proud to be wearing the only Christmas jumper I’ve got - proclaiming the cheeky (but important) festive reminder #CheckYerBawballs - in the fight to put testicular cancer on the minds of all men, young and old. 

If you are anything like me, us men can be famously bad at talking about personal matters, like testicular health - just like I tend to pretend I own a husky when I actually have a chihuahua mongrel! 🐶 

So here I am, miles out of my comfort zone asking you to follow @cahonasscotland and get the simple information you need to check yourself each month and catch any lumps, bumps and concerns as early as possible. 

A Christmas message with a difference - to bring a smile and make you think! 🎄 

@wearestoryshop @hulk_reviews #testicularcancer #scotland #cancerawareness
New podcast! 

In conversation with Ana Orenz, multiple ultra endurance race winner and coming back from what could have been a career ending crash.

We talk big miles, family, purpose… and wild boar 🐗! 

🔗 link in bio - also on the Argon18 YouTube

🎙 @moremiles_moresmiles_ 
🎯 @argon18bike #ThisIsMyRide
It all starts again on January 1st.  Have a look on DoddieAid.com for full details or if you are up to speed, go straight to the App Store and download the @doddie_aid app. 

The purpose is to get active in the New Year, build a sense of banter and competition with the 5 team (go Team Edinburgh!!) and to raise money for the amazing @myname5doddie.

Now is the time to sign up - get your friends and families involved - look forwards to clicking your miles in January and let’s smash that £1m mark again in 2022.

@davyzyw @enduraofficial @johnclarkmotorgroup @argon18bike @brewdogofficial @chrishoy1 @getafterit_nashy @wooshevents @eilidh_barbour @rorylawson9 @hamishwatson07 @jj.chalmers @johnbarc @madgiraffeatlanticrow
Here it is! Link in bio for the full documentary of MAIDEN RACE, made with the support of @shimanogravel by filmmaker @reizkultur. 

Our vision was to tell the story of the people, the insane route and the culture of #GBDURO21 - as opposed to an ‘I smashed it’ style story that focussed on myself. 

I would love for this film to give viewers that quiet confidence that they can get out there and explore their boundaries. 

Young or old, female or male, pretty much everyone can do endurance, everyone can have adventures. 

This film was made in keeping with the ethos of @theracingcollective which is no fly and leave no trace - Markus filmed the entire route by bike and train. 

Let me know your feedback! 

Thanks to @argon18bike for the superb #DarkMatter #ThisIsMyRide.  And to @komoot for the invite for GBDURO. 

I’m also grateful to kit support from @enduraofficial, @schwalbetyresuk, @apidura, @exposure.lights & @oakleybike
Virtual keynotes to global audiences have become the new norm.
Documentaries, podcasts, and books.
Backing ambition and investing in innovation.
Biography and timeline of projects.

Ongoing roles

Exec, Advisory &

Marks brings his passion, experience, and network to a portfolio of corporate businesses, working with each to look after their community and develop their teams

Testing Shimano endurance road and gravel components.
Route Collections and activities.

Testing Shimano endurance road and gravel components, link to films.


Let’s hear from Mark

Mark speaking with event agency NMP Live, sharing the secrets of his world-record-breaking career, as part of their exclusive interview series. Mark is a hugely experienced keynote and after-dinner speaker, as well as running leadership development workshops with a wide range of businesses and organisations

A huge thank you to the talk tour sponsors

Incredible Journeys

Expeditions, challenges, TV documentaries and online filming projects. Mark started on the bike with the World and the Americas, then into the oceans in the Arctic and the Atlantic, before presenting for the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games and recently back on the bike with Africa Solo. He has published books on each of the cycling expeditions and filmed a number of challenges for charity and for promotions.

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