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Mark Beaumont is a highly experienced keynote and after-dinner speaker. Over the past decade and a half he was worked with hundreds of clients from across the globe. In the last year virtual events have become far more common, for which Mark has a professional studio set-up to ensure the same quality of delivery. Get in touch to enquire about publicity work, speaking enquires, corporate rides and workshops.

Keynotes and After Dinner
A hugely experienced keynote and conference speaker, Mark is valued for his ability to translate performance & strategy planning in the expedition world to a wide range of business audiences. Communication, wellbeing and high-performance teams are popular themes, with the messages and content being tailored for each brief
Virtual Keynotes
Since 2020, online keynotes and conferences have become the new norm. Professional studio lighting and audio is important for creating impact for online events. In the past year Mark has spoken virtually at events in Japan. Australia and North America, which wouldn’t have been possible before. Fees are also reduced to acknowledge the reduce the climate impact with online events and time efficiency.
Target setting, communication, problem solving and performance are some of the themes covered by workshops that Mark delivers. He also works with the Maximillion Events team to deliver virtual workshops using smartphone gaming to engage teams who are working from home.
Rides and Virtual rides
Supporting corporate rides, charity cycle events and sportive events is something Mark is often asked to do. He now works with the SPOKES performance team to deliver virtual events as well, so that companies and cycle clubs can do group rides on their smart trainers.

Speaking in Public

Testing Shimano endurance road and gravel components, link to films.


Let’s hear from Mark

Mark speaking with event agency NMP Live, sharing the secrets of his world-record-breaking career, as part of their exclusive interview series. Mark is a hugely experienced keynote and after-dinner speaker, as well as running leadership development workshops with a wide range of businesses and organisations

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Incredible Journeys

Expeditions, challenges, TV documentaries and online filming projects. Mark started on the bike with the World and the Americas, then into the oceans in the Arctic and the Atlantic, before presenting for the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games and recently back on the bike with Africa Solo. He has published books on each of the cycling expeditions and filmed a number of challenges for charity and for promotions.

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